In 2008 and in 2020 Granitor Systems upgraded the control systems for Kraft Foods' (Gevalias) coffee factory in Gävle.


In 2008, Granitor Systems upgraded the control system for Kraft Foods' (Gevalias) Coffee factory in Gävle. The implementation of Simatic IT and Granitor Systems was commissioned to deliver a new system solution for the tank farm with integration of the tank facility's control functions in existing UMS systems with an additional operator station. was run as a project where Simatic IT was delivered by Siemens in Italy and Simatic PCS7 by Granitor Systems in Gävle. The upgrade took place in the so-called Degassi department, which is an intermediate storage station in the production flow. The coffee roastery was integrated into another project in 2010.

An important goal of the project was to increase the flexibility in the factory and, by increasing the number of possible flows, make the plant more efficient to use. This was achieved by upgrading the existing Modicon system to PCS7 with the Route Control accessory as an important component. With Route Control, not all transport routes need to be programmed, but there is only one possible connection between, for example, silos, so that route can be used and the system is flexible for future capacity changes. PCS7

2020 upgrade

To ensure that the systems continue to run smoothly, JDE chose to upgrade the systems in 2020. The choice fell again on Granitor Systems as we have the history and knowledge of the existing system and the factory's needs. The project also included a virtualization of computers. The project began with a comprehensive investigation of software and software licenses and then, step by step, upgraded the software in the office.

First we looked right at old installations of PCS7 to carry out the upgrade in three steps. One of the steps involved e.g. replacement of the output software for the wave systems The installation and commissioning was then done over a weekend, it was mostly about replacing computer hardware and wave electronics to then test the various process sections, as well as a shorter monitoring of the operation.



Abbot Medical Optics

Granitor Systems was commissioned to integrate a new house body into an existing, GMP-rated FMS system for control and monitoring of e.g. humidity, temperature, particles, etc. Full validation was performed for the changes.

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