The light in the Gullberg tunnel

Granitor Electro and Granitor Systems contribute to a safer, more secure and pleasant light in Gothenburg’s new tunnel.

Decorative and well-thought-out lighting installations for larger infrastructure projects are becoming more and more common, which is also the case in the Gullberg tunnel in central Gothenburg. The tunnel’s inner ceiling is fitted with GoBo projectors that project reeds, and special RGB fixtures that change the colors of the reeds depending on the season.

Also, the effect of the light inside the tunnel is controlled by sensors that measure the intensity of the sunlight outside. This means that the light is set to its maximum effect on a sunny summer day, thanks to the powerful fixtures that each provide 66,000 Lumen. The same technology also ensures that the light in the tunnel is subdued on dark evenings. This will provide the drivers with a more comfortable and secure experience as the light inside the tunnel will be similar to the outside conditions.

The supportive walls outside the tunnel are covered in perforated sheet metal, with patterns inspired by Gothenburg’s street system. The reeds were used to symbolize the area where the tunnel is located, Gullbergsvass, which was completely covered in reeds up until the mid-19th century.

For Granitor Electro, which was responsible for the installations of power and lighting, it has been a different and sometimes challenging assignment. Lighting installations such as these have other requirements when it comes to materials and coordination. There are also more professions than technicians and engineers represented in the project, which have affected both the project and the project planning.

As commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration, Granitor Electro and Granitor Systems fitted and designed the power supply and lighting in the tunnel. Together, the Granitor companies have carried out all installations: electrical, power, tunnel lighting, road, street and design, communication, camera surveillance, electronic traffic signs, fire, access and alarm.

System solution tank farm

Granitor Systems was commissioned to deliver a new system solution for the tank farm with integration of the tank facility's control functions in existing UMS systems with an additional operator station.

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