Sweden’s largest industry project has in recent years been taking place in Kiruna where LKAB is building a new main level for iron ore mining 1365 m underground.

Granitor Systems supplies systems for controlling processes of loading, traveling and unloading of the driverless trains to the highest productivity and lowest environmental impact The delivery also includes control systems for process and CCTV.

The transportation level is built 1365 m under ground. The remotely controlled trains transports the ore from the chute and rock drops to crushing after wich the ore is transported up with large ore elevators (skips) approximately 1,4 km vertically to the processing plants above ground.

With an annual production capacity of 35 million tons of crude ore this  increases the life of the underground mine in Kiruna beyond 2033. The construction period is 10 years and the project is estimated to include 300,000 man hours and the delivery completed in 2017

Operations and maintenance

To maintain a high level of accessibility with optimized traffic safety, robust IT architecture and to minimize environmental impact, several complex control systems have been installed in the Swedish Transport Administration's facilities.

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