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We mainly work in project form with our own projects. Everything from overall commitments in large new and remodeling projects that can last for several years to smaller projects that span a few weeks or months


Through the acquisition of AB Tändkulan, Granitor Systems has further strengthened its offer in process automation for the energy industry. AB Tändkulan in Borlänge has long been one of Sweden's leading suppliers in the area, and Granitor Systems' offer is now stronger and broader than ever.

Experts in boiler and burner controls

We have extensive experience programming safety systems for boiler and burner controls. A number of automation engineers have certificates from expert, specialist training such as for example "800xA Safety - AC 800M High Integrity", "800xA with AC800M- Integration of IEC 61850 Devices"

Visit us on site!Anders Borssén was project manager when we (then as Midroc Automation) built the new flue gas condensation plant for Silkeborg Varme A/S in Denmark

Modern workshops

Own manufacturing of switchgears and control cabinets

Our production units in Trollhättan, Gothenburg and Borlänge manufacture MSP-LSP switchgear and control cabinets. With all makes and conceivable resources in house, we can create and build completely based on your needs. It also means a unique opportunity to co-test switchgear and control systems at FAT, something that reduces risks and lead times during commissioning.