Retrofit Control System Urea Bulk Storage Portalscrapper

Urea Bulk Storage (UBS) is a warehouse system thatkeeps the bulk urea before shipping. Portal Scrapperis needed to reclaim urea from UBS. It has beenoperated for over 30 years; the controller used relaybase control. Granitor had advanced their controlsystem using a robust PLC and HMI system. Granitordelivered the solution to make the portal scraper runmanually and automatically.

Scope of Works

Mechanical works: replace portal scrapper cabin,travelling motor, brake motor, cable tray, andportal railing; Electrical works: replace cable reel system forcontrol and power. Replace the MCC, includingVSD and soft starter for a motor; Automation works: replace relay-based controlsystem with PLC control system. We simplify theoperation with an HMI panel and data loggingcapability.

Bulk Material Handling Control System

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