Electrical House

Ready to Use

E-Houses offered by PT Granitor Systems APAC can be comprised of one or multiple modules containing high-quality components such as medium-voltage air-insulated switchgear (AIS) or gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), low-voltage switchboards, power transformers, medium-voltage/high-voltage (MV/HV) cable drums, protection, monitoring and control systems, Power Management Systems (PMS), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), AC and DC auxiliary power, and building management systems. These E-Houses are fully developed, manufactured, assembled, and pretested at the factory or assembly yard before delivery. On-site installation only requires connecting to the E-House for it to be operational.

Numerous Applications

E-Houses provided by PT Granitor Systems APAC offer benefits across various industries, utilities, and infrastructures. They are suitable for power distribution needs as well as electrical network extensions. E-Houses are space-saving solutions and can be deployed in challenging environments, areas with difficult access, or temporary power distribution solutions. Additionally, they can serve as mobile power solutions for relocation purposes.

International Standards

The electrical equipment within the E-Houses and the E-Houses themselves are designed and constructed in compliance with relevant standards. This includes American Standards (ANSI/NEMA/ASTM/AWS) or European Standards (IEC/EN/BS). Furthermore, they undergo testing and certification for different markets, such as UL/CE/GOST&EAC.