Midroc Rodoverken enables increased energy storage in Gothenburg

By 2030, Göteborg Energi will have phased all fossil fuels out of the district heating system. In order to achieve this, Midroc Rodoverken was hired to implement an EPC contract when the new accumulator tank was to be built in Skarvikshamnen, next to the Rya combined heat and power plant.

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction and means that Midroc Rodoverken is responsible for the project from start to finish and is involved from the early planning phase to the commissioning; a turnkey solution simply handed over to the customer.

Göteborg Energi needs to increase energy storage and reduce the use of fossil fuels. By storing energy and heat inside the new accumulator tank, the plant can be operated more evenly, which means a major economic advantage. The storage means that when the abstraction of energy from the district heating plant is at its greatest, there is more energy available from the tank, and when the outlet is at its smallest, the tank is charged.

When Midroc Rodoverken needed to hire subcontractors, several of the other disciplines within Midroc were involved: Midroc Mechanical, Midroc Electro, Midroc Project Management and Midroc Automation. Together, Midroc has delivered a complete solution for the customer including design, construction and installation of both process (pipes, electricity and automation), tank and technology buildings.

"When Midroc Rodoverken enters into projects early, we can help the customer adapt the facility entirely based on their conditions and needs," says Anders Bryngelson, Project/Production Manager at Midroc Rodoverken.

The tank is located in the Port of Gothenburg and will be a landmark to be completed in the early summer of 2020. In total, the tank will be 56 meters high, 23 meters in diameter and accommodate 22,000 cubic meters. The new accumulation tank contributes to a reduction in the use and emissions of fossil fuels, which will improve the environment for the residents of Gothenburg.

Accumulator tank for Jämtkraft

Midroc Rodoverken has delivered an accumulator tank for Jämtkraft AB to the ski stadium in Östersund.

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