Can underwater kites solve 50 percent of the world’s energy needs?

How are we going to solve the world’s energy supply without destroying the environment on Earth? It was this complex challenge that led to the brand-new technology developed by Minesto. A company that Granitor´s investment company Corespring New Technology AB (formerly Midroc New Technology AB) invests in. The Deep Green technology functions as a flying kite below the ocean surface.

The kite with its attached turbine sweeps through the water and generates electricity from underwater currents moving as slowly as one meter per second. No other system comes even slightly close to this. Generating electricity from the ocean has an enormous potential. Unlike other renewable energy sources, tidal streams and ocean currents are easy to predict. And the kite’s turbine can move ten times faster than the currents, which means that the power that can be generated is a thousand times more than if the turbine did not move. As a result of this, Deep Green can be a competitive alternative even compared to traditional fuels such as oil and carbon.

The main problem is the uncertainty of placing something in the ocean. The underwater environment is harsh and it is a challenge to get the power plant solid enough. Fortunately, the most difficult stage has already passed and we are on the verge of proving that this has the potential to deliver up to 50 percent of the world’s energy needs.


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