Economic Sustainability

For prosperous communities and industries

Our Code of Conduct sets the course for how we should conduct our business in ethically, socially and environmentally correct.


We are a reliable partner that operates based on fair conditions and transparency

The Code of Conduct is based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. It steers us towards a high ethical standard and we make the same demands of our partners and suppliers. In 2021, training was launched to strengthen employees’ business ethics and highlight risks of corruption, which the UN points out as the single biggest obstacle to achieving the goals in Agenda 2030.


We deliver a sustainable return on invested capital

By conducting business responsibly with balanced risk-taking, we create long-term value for Granitor and our stakeholders. Three times a year, all profit centers in the Granitor Group carry out scenario work to identify changes in the market in time and make adjustments in their own operations.