Volvo Cars Olofström - Robot Cells

Volvo will replace the previous model XC90 and this will result in an additional need for various new production-equipment. In co-operation with LKN, Granitor Systems delivered 10 different robot-cells.

Of these 10 robot cells, 6 were brand new and built from scratch. I de the other cells were about adaptation and rebuilding in existing cells so that the new model also can be produced in these. It varies between 1 to 6 robots per cell.

The delivery included:

  • Electrical construction
  • The construction of electrical cabinets and drawers
  • Programming
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Education and final documentation


The programming took place with the Siemens PLC system TIA portal as a tool and for the electrical design the CAD tool ElCad was used. One of the challenges in the project was that Volvo Olofström's standards in some parts differ significantly from Volvo Torslanda - a standard that Midroc is used to working in.

We are therefore very happy that we have been praised for our way of dealing with these new standards - our questions, clarifications and suggestions have meant for the customer that they look at their standard with new eyes and see new opportunities, something that may be reflected in future projects. We are also satisfied with how we have managed to find local subcontractors and that that collaboration has worked so well as they, just like our own staff, have shown proof of great knowledge, commitment and attitude.

Body shop equpent Volvo

Midroc Automation was involved in part of the overall project in Torslanda. Midroc has been a subcontractor to LKN Industriautomation AB.

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