Operations and maintenance

To maintain a high level of accessibility with optimized traffic safety, robust IT architecture and to minimize environmental impact, several complex control systems have been installed in the Swedish Transport Administration's facilities.

The operation of each plant is dependent on these functions functioning properly. The control systems must be maintained continuously with preventive maintenance and developed to meet the demands of tomorrow for a safer and better traffic environment

Granitor's delivery includes preventive and remedial maintenance, as well as new installation and reinvestment work. Where typical assignments involve installation and documentation work as well as updating the PLC / SCADA code of, among other things, traffic signs, fire-fighting systems, cameras, shut-off plans, ventilation, and tunnel lighting.

Preventive maintenance refers to planned maintenance with the intention of ensuring the facilities' function, reliability, and availability. The scope of preventive maintenance concerns, for example, periodic inspections of control and monitoring systems, which usually consist of PLCs and SCADA systems.

Remedial maintenance refers to urgent commitments with high demands for quick and well-thought-out decisions. Midroc is also available 24 hours a day with a set time of 2 hours. 24 hours a day, all year round.

We are proud to have the know-how and experience to be able to handle such complex and technical applications at the same time as the traffic must pass unhindered and safely. This places high demands on operational reliability and that the work is carried out well-planned and with minimal operational disruptions.

Midroc Automation is responsible for control and monitoring in


The Göta tunnel

The Gnistängs tunnel



Skultorp tunnel

The Gårdsten tunnel

The Gerums tunnel





Robot Cells Volvo Cars

Volvo will replace the previous model XC90 and this will result in an additional need for various new production-equipment. In co-operation with LKN, Granitor Systems delivered 10 different robot-cells.

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