Maintenance Services for PLC, SCADA, Electrical and Metering System

The gas transportation system needs booster andcompressor stations. Each station is controlled andmonitored using PLC and SCADA systems. Manytypes of brand PLC are used in this station, forexample, Siemens S7 Series, Schneider M580,Rockwell ICS Triplex, and GE MTL 8000. For SCADA,they are using Wonderware, WinCC, and InfusionSCADA. Granitor supported the gas transportationcompany to maintain all their control system.

Scope of Works

Maintenance and services for PLC and SCADA at Belilas, Sekernan, and Jabung; CompressorStation; On call services for Infusion SCADA at GTM Jambi; Retrofit Air Circuit Breaker (ACB); Training IO Server for user’s personnel; Supply PLC and metering spare parts.

Remote Underground Mining Systems

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