PT Granitor Systems APAC at ASPINDO's (Asosiasi Jasa Pertambangan) Business Gathering

January 22nd, 2024

We're thrilled to share that PT Granitor Systems APAC was part of ASPINDO's insightful Business Gathering held at Westin Hotel, Jakarta, on the 22nd of January.

The event delved into crucial discussions surrounding the mining and mining services industry, acknowledging its vast potential in empowering local communities and contributing to the nation's revenue. ASPINDO highlighted challenges, including limited heavy equipment tire supplies and the ongoing biodiesel program challenges from B35 to B40. These challenges pose concerns that could potentially disrupt mining industry production processes, compounded by recent fluctuations in coal prices affecting the mining services sector.

In 2024, Indonesia's mining services industry presents intriguing opportunities amid the government's industrializing efforts. Non-mineral mining service sector companies are eyeing mineral mining due to promising business prospects seen in the expansion of some mining companies into renewable energy (EBT) and minerals like nickel. Long-term plans, such as business diversification, seem to be a trend or solution in exploring opportunities and addressing challenges in the mining sector.

Against this backdrop, ASPINDO is committed to tackling the challenges faced by the mining services industry while leveraging the bright prospects in 2024. The Business Gathering, themed "Prospects of the Mining and Mining Services Industry in 2024: Opportunities & Challenges Faced," aimed to provide a platform for stakeholders to discuss, exchange information, and collaboratively seek solutions to support the sustainable growth of the mining services industry in Indonesia.

Exciting times lie ahead, and we look forward to navigating these opportunities and challenges hand in hand with the industry stakeholders.

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