Empowering SCADA Systems with Siemens S7-400 Redundant PLC Technology

October 24th - 26th, 2023

In an outstanding follow-up to the PT Transportasi Gas Indonesia (TGI) and PT Granitor Systems APAC's RTU Replacement Project in the Grissik-Singapore Line SCADA, a pivotal technical enhancement has been achieved. Over three days, from October 24th to 26th, a team of five TGI representatives gathered at the Granitor Office in Bandung, where the spotlight shone on the successful integration of Siemens S7-400 Redundant PLC technology.

This substantial advancement promises to significantly enhance the efficiency and reliability of our gas transportation systems. The introduction of Siemens S7-400 Redundant PLCs represents a game-changing step, providing unparalleled control, precision, and backup capability to our operations.
With this upgrade, we're positioned to deliver even greater performance and safety to our valued clients in the gas transportation industry. Stay tuned for more insights and developments as we continue to lead in technological innovation!

Should you have any questions, feel free to drop them down below!

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