Celebrating Workplace Diversity at PT Granitor Systems APAC Bandung

December 6th, 2022

PT Granitor Systems APAC Bandung was honored to host our CEO, Magnus Emanuelsson, all the way from Sweden, and our Finance expert, Elisabeth, who hails from the Netherlands. Their presence at our Bandung office brought immense joy and inspiration.

At Granitor, our commitment to workplace diversity goes beyond mere words. It signifies a workforce comprising individuals with a rich tapestry of characteristics. We firmly believe that diversity is the catalyst for innovation and creativity. Our team is a mosaic of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each contributing unique skills and experiences. This diversity equips us with a spectrum of perspectives to tackle challenges from various angles.

We uphold a culture of freedom combined with responsibility, complemented by a well-structured approach to project management and technology development.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Magnus Emanuelsson and Elisabeth for their visit, and we eagerly anticipate future encounters. Together, we continue to champion the values of diversity and inclusivity in our workplace.


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