Nurturing culture and people

People who experience trust, are recognized and have clear roles develop both personally and professionally. This is the basic formula of Granitor culture.


Sustainable cities and communities. We create effective collaborations in an inclusive community

Protecting culture and people is a cornerstone at Granitor. For example, since 2008 we have run our own business school and are now part of a partnership for the development of Inner Development Goals. We also inspire young people’s future professional choices in school collaborations, and when we develop new living environments, we do so with a focus on attractive places, high-quality architecture and diversity of use.


We promote health and well-being and ensure a safe and secure work environment

Granitor has management systems for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality issues. Most companies also have one or more ISO certificates as evidence of continuous improvement. Every year we organize a safety week, and for several years we have been members of Håll nollan, an association that collaborates for zero accidents at construction sites.