Sustainable use of the Earth’s resources

At Granitor, we have ecological sustainability goals formulated according to the Group’s overall impact. Each business area has then identified areas for improvement based on their top priorities. Transitioning to circular behavior is a must in order to achieve climate neutrality, and low energy consumption is a priority of the entire Granitor Group.


We work towards increased circularity

A circular economy is one of the EU’s environmental goals and transitioning to circular behavior is a must in order to achieve climate neutrality. Granitor Properties works strategically on the basis of clear and concrete goals in its sustainability plan for increased circularity – both within its own operations and in the industry through collaboration initiatives.


We will be climate neutral by 2030

The Granitor Group has taken a decision in principle to be climate neutral by 2030. Work is under way to develop measures in each company, including goals to reduce climate impact in the near future. For example, this takes place by using fossil-free fuel in work machines and replacing our vehicles with electric cars, choosing construction materials with a lower carbon footprint and working with smart designs to reduce material use.

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