Europe’s largest liquid biogas plant

Biogas has become a qualitative climate offer for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, among other things. It is a renewable and basically climate neutral fuel. Apart from the climate-smart aspect of biogas, it also contributes to other major environmental and community aspects such as purified urban air. This is just one of the things that show how distinctive and unique biogas is on the market.

Granitor Mechanical offers several services with high-quality deliveries within assembly and installation of all process equipment, complete with pipe systems for biogas plants. It is a major potential market that is expanding and becoming more attractive. Granitor Mechanical has worked with several projects parallelly and is today one of the leading and most hired operators in today’s market.

We have just completed a project in Skogn in Norway, a plant that processes by-products from salmon farms and converts it to liquid biogas, LBG. This plant is a major investment for Norway in the current conversion from fossil oil to gas. Conversion of community waste and residues into biogas or biofertilizer is an efficient way to reduce the import of mineral fertilizer. Biogas can be used solely as fuel for vehicles.

In Norway we have offered and delivered our services such as assembly of pipe systems and installation of process equipment. Our procedure usually starts with project planning, prefabrication in workshops, and then delivery and installation at the client’s site.

We have many years of experience of biogas projects and our expertise is sought-after in the industry. We want to ensure that we leave a good and sustainable delivery behind us.
Our strength here at Granitor Mechanical is that we can take on projects regardless of their size. We deliver quality-assured services, from the first offer to installation, end result and ongoing maintenance of the plants.

What was the result of Your delivery in Norway?

- We are incredibly proud of our delivery based on the conditions and the result. We delivered a high-quality installation, and the plant itself is also very high performance which is great. The project has resulted in many new requests from potential clients, both in Scandinavia as well as international clients that want us as supplier, says Robin Wester, Project Manager at Granitor Mechanical.

Maintenance shutdown at the Preem refinery

As the main contractor, with over 400 committed employees, Granitor has implemented one of the largest turnarounds ever performed at the Preem refinery in Lysekil. Granitor´s commitment included anything from pipe and mechanical, electrical and instrumentation to cleaning, painting and blasting. The shutdown was completed in time and with zero accidents reported.

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