Process and train control

Granitor has been contracted to supply systems for process and train control to a large underground metal mining operation

Granitor Systems, together with our partner Bombardier Transportation, has been contracted to provide systems for the controlling processes of loading, traveling and unloading the driverless trains that are carrying ore from the breakpoint to the concentrator without compromising personal safety.

The delivery initially compromised control systems for process & CCTV and train loading, transport and unloading of driverless trains. The delivery was later expanded with the process for DMLZ truck haulage, traffic control for CIP access tunnels and control rooms on three floors with large video wall-solutions.

Scope of delivery:

  • Design
  • Hardware delivery
  • Programming control system Siemens PCS7
  • Train control systems INTERFLO from Bombardier
  • Onboard equipment trains and wagons
  • Integrated camera systems
  • Central network, systems and control rooms

The goal is to remotely control the whole underground operation, improve production efficiency and increase personal safety with the lowest environmental impact. The mine is the world’s largest gold deposit and Midroc systems will make it the most high tech mining operation underground.

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Urea Bulk Storage Portal Scrapper

Urea Bulk Storage (UBS) is one of the  warehouse systems to keep the bulk urea before shipping. Granitor delivered the solution to make the portal scraper run manually and automatically.

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