Our story

Extensive experience, knowledgeable employees, and innovative technologies - that’s how to best describe Granitor Robotics.

Here you can read more about us and our journey.

Our story

Granitor Robotics AB was founded in 1986 by Lars Karlsson as LKN Industriautomation AB. The business was strongly focused on automation, from robot-based welding equipment to chassis production. The company’s customer base was largely made up of the Swedish automotive industry and Saab Automobile AB in particular. Over the past decade, we have developed in close collaboration with our largest customer, Volvo Cars, as well as the Swedish and international automotive and manufacturing sectors as a whole. In 2018, LKN Industriautomation was acquired by Midroc Automation, a close partner for many years, and together we changed our name to Granitor Robotics AB. Granitor Robotics operates as an independent subsidiary of the Granitor Group, and with strong management in finance, expertise and culture, we are now better equipped than ever for the future. Today, our ambition is to apply our extensive experience and continue to develop customised, robot-based automation solutions. With knowledgeable employees and modern tools, we always focus on our customers’ unique needs.

What we do

Granitor Robotics is active in the automotive and manufacturing industries and specializes in robot automation. With an extensive international network of partners and subcontractors, we offer services in chassis production as well as assembly and packaging automation. Our strategy is to develop and deliver customized functional solutions at fixed prices. We purchase, design and integrate process equipment, robots and subsystems to deliver the most efficient overall solution possible to the customer. Our employees are highly experienced and lead the field in our key areas of competence.