Intelligent lighting makes a real difference for nursing home in Gävle

When the care company Humana, under own management, built a nursing home in Gävle, they did not hold back on lighting. A unique lighting environment was created to help the residents in their daily lives. Midroc made the electrical installations and the project was awarded with the Swedish Light Award (Svenska Ljuspriset) 2017 – and has resulted in several similar projects for Humana.

Approximately 2000 fixtures were installed in 81 rooms at the nursing home in Gävle, distributed over nine wards and five floors. Some of the wards have residents which suffer from dementia. Several new technologies were used and everything was very well-thought-out by Designkontoret Ljusrum, which created the lighting. Almost all fixtures are dimmable, Dali-controlled and individually programmed to fit different lighting scenarios.

The success in Gävle has led to a number of similar lighting environments in Humana’s new homes in Åkersberga, Kungsängen and Staffanstorp. And they all use Midroc for electrical installations.

Today, the lighting in Humana’s nursing homes contributes to a lighting environment that can make a real difference for the residents. The light in common areas is set up to follow the periodic changes of day and night. The strategic light control is being praised and is a very good aid for those who suffer from dementia and as a result may have problems with time perception.
Midroc performed the installation in Gävle and the new technology really required a high level of expertise.

The group of co-workers from Midroc involved in the installation in Gävle used to talk about it being one of the best assignments ever. The partnering between Humana and Designkontoret Ljusrum worked very well, and Midroc was entrusted with the installations in Humana’s next project, a nursing home in Åkersberga with the same basic lighting concept. Since then, Midroc has also installed the same type of lighting environments in Humana’s new nursing homes in Kungsängen and Staffanstorp.

Close collaboration and digital tools facilitate major project

Midroc Electro is one of the key actors in Jönköping County’s large extension of the county hospital Ryhov. Together with the main contractor NCC, Midroc Electro applies the latest digital solutions to deliver state-of-the-art hospital.

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