Urea Bulk Storage Portal Scrapper

A Portal Scrapper is needed to reclaim urea from UBS. The Portal Scrapper hade been operated for more than 30 years; the controller uses relay base control.

Granitor had advanced their control system using a robust PLC and HMI system. Granitor delivered the solution to make the portal scraper run manually and automatically.

Scope of Work:

  • Mechanical works: replace portal scrapper cabin, traveling motor, brake motor, cable tray, and portal railing

  • Electrical works: replace cable reel system for control and power. Replace the MCC, including VSD and soft starter for a motor

  • Automation works: replace relay-based control system with PLC  control system. Simplify the  operation with an HMI panel and data logging capability

Distributed Control System For Gas Station

The DCS has been installed on-site since 1988, and in recent years it has experienced several problems which caused the plant to run inefficiently. Granitor upgraded the DCS control system for the gas station using Honeywell Experian UOC.

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