Scada System For Utilities And Hvac

Safety, efficacy, and quality are critical values delivered through pharmacy products.

The pharmaceutical process must be conditioned, so the HVAC system is essential to support the production activity. The  standard  HVAC system uses PLC and SCADA systems to maintain the working area. Granitor upgraded the earlier system to support the reliability of the factory.

Scope of works:

  • Designed and implemented a new control system for the HVAC system

  • Programmed and configurated PLC and SCADA

  • Upgrade SCADA to Ignition Software with unlimited tags

  • Supply PLC and SCADA license

  • Installation and commission control system

DCEngineering services and consultancy for lightrailway transit

LRT Jakarta Phase 1 is a project to build an LRT System from Kelapa Gading to Velodrome, including six stations and one depot for the train. Granitor supported the electrical contractor for traction power SCADA systems.

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