PLC and HMI Development For Furnace System

Granitor provided engineering services to update functional description documents based on existing PLC and SCADA software programs for Electrical Furnace Plant. This step is needed to evaluate the system that will be improved into the new plant.

Granitor also provided services to re-programming the PLC and HMI base on the new plant design. Approximately 1736 I/Os is involved in this works.

Our scope:

  • Update the Functional Description (FD) document base client standard
  • Programming PLC (AB Control Logix) and SCADA (FT View Site Edition)

Upgrade Metering Gas System

The DCS has been installed on-site since 1988, and in recent years it has experienced several problems which caused the plant to run inefficiently. Granitor upgraded the DCS control system for the gas station using Honeywell Experian UOC.

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