Maintenance right from the start in vehicle factory’s investment project

When planning and building the new factory, Nya Gjuteriet, maintenance is included early in the project stages. By working proactively with maintenance, we can extend the lifespan of the plant and predict problems before they occur. For our client, this means a more energy- and cost-efficient delivery. In addition, it will be more reliable in operation already from the investment procedure and unnecessary maintenance can be prevented.

In the project planning, maintenance is considered as a support resource, and all machinery that is to be purchased will be checked thoroughly with consideration to maintenance and operation. Amanda Sten is Asset Management consultant at Midroc Project Management and a part of the project team for the maintenance of the new factory.

- Our role as maintenance engineers is to create the right prerequisites for the client to operate the plant properly. We carry out thorough preparatory work and constantly evaluate the project based on important parameters for how the plant should be operated, managed and maintained. We make sure that all machinery is tuned, along with simple things such as knowing where we keep the operating instructions and when we might need them. We want to deliver an all set plant that the client can operate and maintain in the best possible way, for many years to come, says Amanda.

In the new factory, truck engines will be cast and formed. The production start is in 2021 but the project is already underway and the plant’s new equipment is being carefully tested and evaluated in 2020.

Amanda Sten, Asset Management Consultant at Midroc Project Management

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