Barkarbystaden – a sustainable urban district emerges

A brand-new district is being developed here, complete with residential buildings, a new hospital, workplaces, hotels, training facilities, commerce, sports facilities and parks. More than 30,000 homes will have been built when the project is completed, which puts great demands on a well-functioning infrastructure. The project includes a hub for public transport, which will be the second largest in Sweden with subways, a bus terminal, and commuter and regional trains.

Järfälla Municipality and Midroc Project Management have been working together for a long time; the partnering includes both planning and implementation of the project Barkarbystaden II. The project comprises infrastructure and coordination of eight blocks, including the Veddesta bridge that connects Barkarbystaden and Veddesta.

-We are very proud to be involved in the development of Barkarbystaden, a district where many people will enjoy residing, working and living. Those of us who work with this project will, through our commitment, contribute to making a positive difference together with Järfälla Municipality, says Robert de Montigny, Head of Unit for Land and Infrastructure at Midroc Project Management.

Sustainable development runs through the new district as a common thread. As for environmental sustainability, stormwater management has been important in creating cleaner water in the local watercourses Bällstaån and Igelbäcken. For example, several plant beds with biochar help purify the stormwater. By using biochar in the plant beds, carbon will be sequestered in the soil – a so called carbon sink, which in turn will help mitigate climate change.

Greenery is an important part of the project to create a good environment for plants, people and animals.

-We are building many small parks and thus filling the city with greenery. The parks will give the residents opportunities to socialize and the greenery contributes to a better quality of life. There are clear connections between peoples’ wellbeing and having access to nature. We also believe that the connection between investing in aesthetics and green spaces will lead to increased commitment and interest in developing and improving your own neighborhood. This will in turn make Barkarbystaden an attractive location for both business activities and housing, says Robert de Montigny.

Carbon capture – the right path to reach the climate targets?

The world is now facing a great challenge to reach the set climate targets. A conversion of our energy production along with changed behavior are fundamental. We will most likely have to take even more radical steps to capture and store the carbon dioxide emissions that otherwise would have been released from industrial plants and cogeneration plants, a technology that is often referred to as CCS – Carbon Capture and Storage.

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